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CS Treatment/Dosing

Treatment For Animals and Dosing

slide4.jpgCats and dogs with abscesses may be treated both internally and externally at the same time with good results. It has been observed that many underweight animals gain weight and energy following a course of Colloidal Silver suggesting their general wellbeing has been enhanced. Colloidal Silver has shown dramatic results in the case of very young animals such as foals and calves scouring. Given with a syringe twice daily it has the most beneficial effect.

For larger animals such as horses, symptoms such as coughs and colds, hoof abscesses and eye and ear infections respond best by administration of a high dosage for 5 days followed by the daily-recommended dosage. We have seen several amazing overnight results with painful hoof abscesses causing lameness that been resolved after giving Colloidal Silver. Mud fever is a difficult condition to treat in horses. We have had some amazing results with the application of Colloidal Silver Cream twice daily until the condition clears. Colloidal Silver can be given alongside drugs recommended by your vet, as there are no known interactions.

Colloidal silver can be used for the same or similar conditions that occur in humans, although fur can pose a problem with skin access for external application. The liquid can be added to water or food immediately before consumption for internal application. Other examples of conditions that can be treated in household pets and farm animals include: general bacterial, parasitic and virus infections, eczema, mange and parvovirus in dogs, distemper in cats and kittens, revival of some belly-up goldfish if they are still alive, scours, mastitis and undulant fever in cattle, warts, mud fever and bacterial lung problems in horses.

The dose on the bottle is a general range for humans (which can be safely exceeded for greater or more rapid effect). It may not be practical to administer multiple doses each day for animals, so fewer and larger doses will have to do. Larger animals are best dosed with a plastic syringe with larger amounts for the initial 5-day booster for acute illness (1ml per 1Kg per daily dose; double the dose for the first two doses). Keep dosing until the condition is absent, or stable. Maintenance doses may be needed for some conditions. Alternatively doses may be added to food or milk placed in a plastic container or bucket immediately prior to consumption. You will need to experiment for best effect, because there are no authoritative papers on specific dosing regimens.Colloidal Silver can be used for the prevention of problems in susceptible animals. This can be in the form of a lower daily dose, or a larger weekly dose for more difficult animals. We don't recomend taking a higher dose than recomended on the bottle for longer than 3 weeks.

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